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A New Paradigm

Arrow Academy believes the purpose of education is to give all students the opportunity to acquire the skills to become contributing, responsible citizens within our society.

Becoming productive adults is the basis of Arrow Academy's blended model for learning. To accomplish this, we recruit and train quality teachers, provide a safe classroom environment and a low student to teacher ratio. We supplement the live teaching with a web-based curriculum that allows each student, regardless of past experience, to accelerate in their learning.

Arrow Academy teachers and faculty work with each student to become life long learners.

There are two components to successful learning. First, create an environment with teachers that truly care about each student and are dedicated to their success in and out of the classroom. Second, provide proven curriculum that meets the individual needs of each student. This is accomplished through a blended model of quality live teaching and online curriculum.

About Arrow Academy

Arrow Academy opened four Texas locations in August 2011. With 70 teachers serving 900 students, we are dedicated to preparing children in underserved communities to be successful in college and life.

Arrow Academy is a revolutionary alternative to the current, traditional learning model.

We embrace the need for transformation in the educational process. We combine quality teachers with innovative technology to provide each student the most proven leadership development and learning system in the country.

Students that struggle in a traditional school thrive in Arrow's personalized learning environment. Struggling to learn is a normal part of a rigorous education, but embarrassment should never be an issue for someone trying to learn.

Effort trumps talent every time.

Arrow Academy Locations

  • Bethels Learning Center
    14442 Fonmeadow
    Houston, TX 77035
  • Liberation Academy
    401 Present Street
    Missouri City, TX 77489
  • Harvest Prep. Academy
    17770 Imperial Valley Dr.
    Houston, TX 77060
  • Save Our Streets Center
    1700 Groesbeck
    Bryan, TX 77803
  • Odyssey Preparatory K-8
    8787 N Houston Rosslyn Rd
    Houston, TX 77088
  • Las Americas Learning Ctr
    5909 Glenmont
    Houston, TX 77081

The New Paradigm

Unique classroom setting
Schools are housed in local neighborhood facilities like churches and recreations centers.

Pre-existing bonds between students and teachers
Teachers and mentors live within the community. They provide academic and life instruction.

Personal attention
Individualized instruction accelerates each student's learning ability.Community centered, community driven Leverage every appropriate relationship available to kids: parents, grandmothers, aunts, volunteers, teachers, pastors, youth workers and coaches.

College credit
Advance placement credits are available to all High School students.

Small classes
Better teacher student ratios provide an environment for individualized instruction and personal relationships – eliminating the warehousing of underserved students.

Operations funded
Private donations provide the start-up capital needed to open each academy and provide students with computers and uniforms. Access to public funds provide for ongoing operations of each academy.

Stellar leadership
Meticulous hiring practices ensure the most highly qualified people are placed in management and academic leadership positions.

The Promises of Arrow Academy

  • Ensure every child has the chance to earn a semester of college and/or work-ready certificate of skill.
  • Work within our community partner programs to follow and mentor students through the educational process to provide relational, educational and career assistance.
  • Prepare kids in appearance, verbal and non-verbal actions, conduct, presentation skills and academic proficiency for their first job interview beginning in kindergarten.
  • Re-design teacher routines, instructional practices and value-added resources so they align with how minds retain, use and apply information. (Based on most current neurological information)
  • Ensure students are educated with mastery learning principles and paced with individual learning plans, assignments and integrated technology that is accessible 24 hours per day and 7 days per week from home or school.
  • Increase academic performance and ensure every unit of learning is complimented with relevancy, aligned to past experiences, practices embedding higher levels of thinking and accelerating skill development.
  • Provide development in leadership and character traits needed for our community.
  • Challenge rigor for entrance into colleges of choice.
  • Establish student relationships built upon mutual respect that values character over image.
  • Provide enhanced learning environments for educating kids within our existing community organizations.
  • Provide the best training in the country, focused on results and designed by external experts such as psychologists and neuroscientists.
  • Ensure that the team of teachers, working within this environment, promotes the internal passion they acted on when deciding to dedicate their career to children.

You Can Make a Difference

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Your generous support of Arrow Academy Foundation provides the start-up funds needed for each academy location. This includes securing the academy facility and providing new computers and uniforms for each student.

Every parent wants their child to achieve more and reach a level of success greater than their own. Arrow Academy provides the environment, relationships, curriculum and technology needed to accomplish it.

Arrow Academy is committed to graduating high-performers.
No Exceptions! No Excuses!

Help us provide children in our underserved communities with a quality education. Your support of Arrow Academy Foundation helps provide the resources necessary to accelerate learning for each student and make them productive citizens.

We need your help to change the lives of these children. Please join us in providing the best education possible for the children we serve.

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Today in America

A student drops out of school every 26 seconds. In Texas the rate is every 4 minutes. The results in Texas have been consistent for the past 23 years.

One-third of middle school and high school students will not graduate.

A typical classroom requires a teacher to address 7-12 different reading levels for student instruction in a class of 22-28 children to meet all students' needs

78% of Juvenile crime is commited by high school drop outs.

An elementary child who has two consecutive years of poor teaching loses almost all hope of catching up to proficiency levels in secondary school.

In the Houston metropolitan area, 26,929 students dropped out of school in 2008.

"The solution to this dilemma of having schools and teachers respond to student variation in achievement has never been implemented because it would require transformative changes at every level of education."

Martin Haberman,
Distinguished Professor Emeritus,
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee